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Alien Entities and Space Suits    


There are two images in the picture on the left. The first image to the left is an Alien space suit or what I refer as a Floater. To the right of the suit, the second image is an Alien entity.This entity normally travels in the suit. The two pictures shown on the right are of the entity. The top picture appears to be white. The bottom picture has been enhanced to bring out the details. The entities true appearance may have been shielded by the white light.

At location #1 an Alien entity is leaving an energy beam. The cloudy background is due to the presence of the energy beam. Once the entity left the beam, the cloudiness was gone. This entity has been seen in the space suit types like those shown at location #2.

The entity at location #3 came out of the floater space suit. This suit is unlike previous suits. The helmet at the top separated from the body of the suit and when the entity left the suit, the suit disappeared.


Notice the features on the alien entities that are common. This is more easily seen in the images at locations 3 & 4. They have a head, a very short body, if any, and two short appendages just under the head and in addition, what appears to be two long tails.



The composite below is a sampling of photographs taken from surveillance film that represents several different Alien space suit types (Floaters) and their relation with Alien entities, large and small Orbs and possibly UFOs.