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Gods of Religions

Gods of Religions is Gregory Harolds previous book in which he provides explanations for the numerous mysteries that have remained unanswered since creation. This includes answers to the following questions. Who or what is God?  What are Ghosts? Do extraterrestrials from other planets really exist? What are devils and demons? How do you explain the existence of alien Greys, Sasquatch and Big Foot and other phenomena? 

Using information provided in the Bible and  hundreds of pictures from the supernatural world, along with scientific theories on invisible matter, plasma and energy, Mr. Harold has been able to provide a plausible explanation of these events.

This will entice you to explore the perception of many of your basic beliefs in the definition of God, interpretation of information in the Bible and how this will effect your personal perception of life now and thereafter. I hope your enjoy the book and find it interesting, enlightening and informative.